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Banking and finance law

We know what counts – in all banking or finance law questions

In the banking and finance law sector, our advisory services are primarily focused on banks, financial and payment services providers and family offices. We also help companies to resolve all their funding issues. Whenever required, we supplement our own practical and pragmatic advice through cooperations with management consultants, tax advisors and auditors within our own company or through collaboration with external cooperative partners specialized in these areas.

From practitioners - for practitioners

We have a wealth of far-reaching practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the trade at our fingertips: Many of our lawyers have already worked “in-house” for companies in the financial industry. Additionally, we maintain close contacts with inter-trade organizations, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Our Services:

  • Legal representation of and litigation for banks, i.e. defense against investor claims and enforcement of payment claims)
  • Advice on payment services, i.e. approval procedures, structuring and regulatory classification of payment products, drafting of contracts, ongoing advice on all regulatory and civil law regarding payment services)
  • Advice on banking law, e.g. assistance within approval procedures, examination of business models, drafting of contracts, ongoing advice on all questions related to banking supervision and banking law)
  • Advice on securities law and financial distribution regulation, (i.e. drafting of contracts and client documentation, drafting of advertising materials, advise and structuring of cooperation models, ongoing advice on regulatory questions)
  • Advise on dept advising (i.e.: negotiation, drafting and structuring of financing contracts and security documentation)
  • Investment law advice (i.e.: advice on prospects and advertising materials, structuring of funds, drafting of contracts, ongoing advice on regulatory questions)
  • Organizational consulting with regard to implementing compliance regulations (i.e.: implementing the requirements of the money laundering prevention regulations, risk management and outsourcing, as well as the creation of manuels and other documentation required)
  • Tax advice for banks and their clients (i.e.: questions of VAT law and investment tax law, support in cases of voluntary disclosure)

Lawyers - Banking and finance law

Rechtsanwalt Kemal Ahmedi - Berlin
Kemal Ahmedi
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Alexander Bardenz - Dortmund
Dr. Alexander Bardenz
Rechtsanwältin Bianca Böttcher - Leipzig Berlin
Bianca Böttcher, LL.M.
Leipzig, Berlin
Rechtsanwältin Annalena Eberhardt - Dortmund
Annalena Eberhardt
Rechtsanwalt Peter Frey - München
Peter Frey
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Susanne Grohé - München Berlin
Dr. Susanne Grohé
München, Berlin
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Christian Hoppe - Dortmund
Dr. Christian Hoppe
Rechtsanwalt Nasim Jenkouk - München
Nasim Jenkouk
Rechtsanwalt Charles Krier - Luxembourg
Charles Krier
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Gunther Lehleiter - Dortmund Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Gunther Lehleiter, LL.M.
Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Florian Lörsch - Berlin
Dr. Florian Lörsch
Rechtsanwalt Frank Müller - München
Frank Müller, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt Ulrich Peters - Dortmund
Ulrich Peters, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt Benjamin Schauß - Dortmund
Benjamin Schauß
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Matthäus Schindele - München
Dr. Matthäus Schindele
Rechtsanwalt Ramona-Patricia Wagenpfeil - München
Ramona-Patricia Wagenpfeil
Rechtsanwältin Stephanie Wagner - Berlin
Stephanie Wagner
Rechtsanwalt Christian Walz - München
Christian Walz

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