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Commercial and contract law

Acting together – on a sound legal basis

All of our services in the contract and commercial law sector share one common objective: Our goal is to strengthen the trading position and sales of our clients. Built on a solid legal basis and our practical and prompt actions. With this goal in mind, we advise companies on all the legal issues resulting from their commercial transactions in the national and international arena and support them in optimizing their sales organization. To achieve this, we design contracts not only for general standard use but also customized, highly complex contractual arrangements perfectly aligned to each individual case.

An upright partner

We represent our clients in their judicial and extrajudicial disputes with customers, suppliers and sales partners. In particular, we implement intelligent law and contract management systems for our clients in order to optimize the respective process within the company throughout the group and to create planning security as well as an improved negotiation position in regard to risk-balanced contracts. We design model contracts and check lists, accompany the data processing implementation of projects and carry out company specific staff trainings in a way tailored to the needs of each client within its operational business.

Our portfolio of commercial and contract law services includes:

  • General terms and framework agreements
  • Delivery and service contracts
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Contracts with sales representatives and authorized dealers
  • Franchise and licensing agreements
  • Advice on trademarks, copyrights, patents
  • Introduction of structured legal and contract management systems

Lawyers - Commercial and contract law

Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Lutz Aderhold - Dortmund
Prof. Dr. Lutz Aderhold
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Alexander Bardenz - Dortmund
Dr. Alexander Bardenz
Rechtsanwältin Bianca Böttcher - Leipzig Berlin
Bianca Böttcher, LL.M.
Leipzig, Berlin
Rechtsanwältin Annalena Eberhardt - Dortmund
Annalena Eberhardt
Rechtsanwältin Claudia Epler - Leipzig
Claudia Epler
Rechtsanwalt Juliane Gahn - Leipzig
Juliane Gahn
Rechtsanwalt Tim-Robin Karras - Dortmund
Tim-Robin Karras
Rechtsanwalt Dirk Helge Laskawy - Leipzig München Berlin
Dirk Helge Laskawy
Leipzig, München, Berlin
Rechtsanwalt Dominik Müller - Dortmund
Dominik Müller, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt Frank Müller - München
Frank Müller, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt Volker Ostermeyer - Düsseldorf
Volker Ostermeyer
Rechtsanwältin Dr. Julia Pätzold - Leipzig
Dr. Julia Pätzold
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Thorsten Siepe - Dortmund
Dr. Thorsten Siepe
Rechtsanwalt Till Vosberg - Leipzig Berlin
Till Vosberg
Leipzig, Berlin
Rechtsanwältin Catherine Westerwelle - Dortmund
Catherine Westerwelle
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Matthias Wiese - Dortmund
Dr. Matthias Wiese
Rechtsanwältin Carolina Wodtke - Frankfurt am Main
Carolina Wodtke
Frankfurt am Main

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