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Reorganisation, restructuring

Reorganisation advisory services – experienced and practice-proven

We provide crisis management support and advice to medium-sized companies, corporate groups and banks. Our service portfolio extends beyond that offered by classic legal advisory service providers, incorporating targeted collaboration in interdisciplinary teams. Although a real crisis is an out-of-the extraordinary situation, crises are quite common phenomena in a normal business cycle. Having slipped into a crisis, the threat may be very real as most companies then find themselves facing a totally new situation which they have not had to cope with before. In such a crisis, we provide support to companies with pragmatic, individually-designed concepts aligned to the facts on the table. We strive to get performance back on track and to improve it in a sustainable way. The experience gained by our team of reorganisation experts over the course of many years means that we develop solutions which others would not even dare to contemplate – and actively contribute to their implementation. One of the major factors contributing to our success is the way we practice interdisciplinary collaboration with auditors, business consultants and tax advisors. This approach enables us to provide real support to our clients throughout the reorganisation process and to design sustainable, future-oriented concepts. Our clients also benefit from the fact that we have a pool of financing partners at our fingertip – all of whom we have been cooperating with for many years.

Our reorganisation and restructuring services portfolio focuses on the following:

  • Preparation and examination of restructuring opinions according to IDW S6
  • Mediation with the banks
  • Provision of legal advice to company board members and managing directors throughout the crisis
  • Liquidity management (including negotiations with suppliers, credit insurers and other third-party creditors)
  • Supporting pool management measures for banks
  • Optimization of costs, income and sales structures
  • Support in applying for state guarantees
  • Assuming company roles (e.g. CRO)
  • Appointment as escrow agent
  • Management of winding-up proceedings
  • Preparation and support during the insolvency filing process and insolvency proceedings in line with applicable
  • Registration of claims in the insolvency schedule, incl. following these through to the final judicial statement
  • Enforcement of creditors' rights through recommendations on who should be on a (temporary) creditors' committee and/or be present at the meeting of creditors
  • Enforcement of segregation and separation rights at insolvency proceedings
  • Defense against the administrator’s right to contest
  • Drafting and implementation of insolvency plans
  • Support with self-administration
  • Acquisition as a result of insolvency

Lawyers - Reorganisation, restructuring

Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Lutz Aderhold - Dortmund
Prof. Dr. Lutz Aderhold
Rechtsanwältin Alexander Benninghoff - Düsseldorf
Alexander Benninghoff
Rechtsanwalt Sven Degenhardt - Düsseldorf
Sven Degenhardt, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt Hubertus Frhr. v. Erffa - Leipzig Berlin Frankfurt am Main
Hubertus Frhr. v. Erffa
Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main
Rechtsanwältin Marvin Helbig - Düsseldorf
Marvin Helbig
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Christian Hoppe - Dortmund
Dr. Christian Hoppe
Rechtsanwalt Patrick Klawa - Leipzig Berlin
Patrick Klawa, LL.M. oec.
Leipzig, Berlin
Rechtsanwalt Dirk Helge Laskawy - Leipzig München Berlin
Dirk Helge Laskawy
Leipzig, München, Berlin
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Gunther Lehleiter - Dortmund Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Gunther Lehleiter, LL.M.
Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main
Rechtsanwältin Peggy Lomb - Leipzig
Peggy Lomb
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Michael Löser - Düsseldorf
Dr. Michael Löser
Rechtsanwältin Sabrina Marquardt - Frankfurt am Main
Sabrina Marquardt
Frankfurt am Main
Rechtsanwalt Volker Ostermeyer - Düsseldorf
Volker Ostermeyer
Rechtsanwalt Ulrich Peters - Dortmund
Ulrich Peters, LL.M.
Rechtsanwalt Thorsten Prigge - Düsseldorf
Thorsten Prigge
Rechtsanwalt Thorsten Sörup - Frankfurt am Main
Thorsten Sörup
Frankfurt am Main
Rechtsanwältin Dr. Susanne Szameitat - Düsseldorf
Dr. Susanne Szameitat
Rechtsanwältin Dr. Maike van Haag-Braun - Düsseldorf
Dr. Maike van Haag-Braun
Rechtsanwalt Till Vosberg - Leipzig Berlin
Till Vosberg
Leipzig, Berlin
Rechtsanwalt Daniel Wagener - Düsseldorf
Daniel Wagener
Rechtsanwältin Carolina Wodtke - Frankfurt am Main
Carolina Wodtke
Frankfurt am Main
Rechtsanwalt Toni Woitke - Leipzig
Toni Woitke

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