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Product and producer liability

Avoiding risks, handling damages

Minimizing liability risks and defending our clients against liability claims resulting from their business operations, is one of our main areas of focus. Our clients put their trust in us due to the wealth of experience we have gained over the years, both at court and through designing legal solutions, regardless of whether they are the perpetrators of the damage, the injured party or are involved as the insurers of the damage – not only on a national scale but also where cross-border goods and services deliveries are concerned. The first preventative measure which needs to be taken to be able to effectively minimize liability risks is to design customized contracts and implement intelligent contract management systems in the purchasing, production, quality assurance, customer service and sales organizations. This includes, for example, (general) supply contracts, quality assurance agreements, cooperation contracts and general terms and conditions – all of which we draw up and negotiate on behalf of our clients.

We also optimize our clients’ internal business processes with regard to the generation, negotiation and execution of their contracts in line with mutually developed strategic targets - training the purchasing, quality assurance and sales departments accordingly. In the event of damage, we manage and coordinate all communications to ensure that they are legally sound. We also pay due consideration to the recourse situation within the supply chain, in particular, vis-à-vis suppliers and the manufacturers, and in doing so always involve the respective insurers. Apart from supporting classic business and product liability insurance issues, we also assist with enforcing coverage claims linked to specially designed insurance contracts, in particular, in connection with recall, D & O, pecuniary loss liability insurance and business interruption insurance policies.

When the complexity of a particular matter deems it necessary, we consult a competent expert whose technical expertise and documentation help us to prepare a claim or defend our client against such a claim, or which assist us, for example, with a recall campaign. This very close network allows us to provide sound legal support to our clients in a wide range of liability scenarios.

Our portfolio of advisory services in the product and producer liability law area includes in particular:

  • Defense against or enforcement of guaranty claims or claims for damages both in and out of court, as well as claims for compensation within the supply chain and coverage claims vis-à-vis insurers
  • Organization of or support during a recall campaign
  • Contract design
  • Optimization of the processes in the contract management system
  • Contract management system implementation
  • Training for the purchasing, quality assurance, customer service and sales organizations


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