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Labor law

Labor law – in each case the best way to go

The experience we have gained over the years, coupled with our specialized knowledge, are a guarantee for delivering top quality services in the labor law area, services which benefit all our clients. We stand for excellent legal advice, always geared to the economic targets our clients are aiming for. Knowledge of the very special needs of the respective industry round up our successful advisory services portfolio. All our solutions are customized to our clients’ requirements.

We provide employers and top executives with the answers to all their labor law questions. Our service portfolio not only includes designing individual employment contracts, but also covers collective rights issues, e.g. agreements between work committees and the management, collective wage settlements and severance schemes, with a particular focus on restructuring measures. We smooth the path for corporate transformation and develop practical, success-oriented solutions for a transfer of undertaking, outsourcing or purchasing a company. During critical negotiations, we supply convincing arguments through our ability to judge exactly where the negotiations are going. We provide advice to both companies and leading executives throughout the employment cycle – from drawing up an employment or service contract to its respective termination.

Our labor law focus:

  • Design of employment and service contracts
  • Provision of advice in connection with the industrial relations law and collective bargaining
  • Negotiations with works council bodies, e.g. where a change of operations is planned
  • Termination of executive contracts
  • Co-determination
  • Court representation


Dirk Helge Laskawy
Dirk Helge Laskawy
Leipzig München Berlin
Peggy Lomb
Peggy Lomb
Sabrina Marquardt
Sabrina Marquardt
Frankfurt am Main
Volker Ostermeyer
Volker Ostermeyer
Thorsten Sörup
Thorsten Sörup
Frankfurt am Main
Lars Thiesen
Lars Thiesen
Düsseldorf Dortmund
Carolina Wodtke
Carolina Wodtke
Frankfurt am Main

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