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Family law

We prefer strategy to conflict

We advise and represent our clients on all family law questions of particular economic consequence – drawing on the long-term experience of our Dortmund-based partner, Prof. Dr. Winfried Born. Our family law services perfectly supplement our legal portfolio, particularly where family law meets company succession arrangements, and play an important role not only during contractual negotiations but also where legal representation is required. More often than not, both the position and income of the person concerned is affected, something which in turn has an influence on respective alimony payments. Should an equalization of accrued gains be necessary, this may even threaten a company’s existence. To avoid later disputes, we strongly recommend drawing up a marriage contract at the time the marriage is concluded. Even at a later stage, closing an agreement in anticipation of things to come is much more productive than a dispute waged at a time when the battle lines have already been drawn.

Our partner, Prof. Dr. Winfried Born, is one of the leading family law specialists in Germany. His work, which covers the whole divorce and alimony process, takes him all over the country. Apart from drawing up marriage contracts and contracts dealing with the consequences of a divorce, he also manages legal disputes in court, such as divorce proceedings, alimony settlements and the equalization of accrued gains.

Our services in family law include the following areas in particular:

  • General drafting of marriage contracts, in particular in cases where a spouse enters into a company where a marriage contract is required by the respective articles of association
  • Examination of older marriage contracts with regard to their validity
  • Negotiating divorce arrangements in order to prepare a divorce without the need for further court proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings to amend a court order
  • Advice and representation in cases where claims are made regarding the equalization of accrued gains
  • Preventative advice on how to avoid official claims related to alimony payments


Prof. Dr. Winfried Born
Prof. Dr. Winfried Born
Friedrich Vosberg
Friedrich Vosberg

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